Let Me Brick It to You : How To Close A Property Deal By Talking About Bricks

You'd be genuinely surprised to know that even speaking about the types of bricks used in a property's structure can help you close a deal.

Featured Image sourced from Hitchcock & Kings.

Persuading Prospects To Purchase Property Based On Bricks

Persuading a prospect to purchase a property as a greenhorn property agent can be rather difficult. Many of these aspiring real estate agents find themselves stumped after a certain time during a property viewing with a prospect and run out of things to say.

Well, we’re happy to share with you that if you’ve run out of things to talk about during a viewing, you could try and avoid that awkward silence, all while increasing your opportunities for making that first sale, just by talking about the bricks used for the property in question– that’s right; bricks.

When it comes to the erratic Malaysian weather, prospects are without doubt, interested in knowing if the inside of a property is humid, hot, or cooling. Which is why you can always bring up the type of bricks used for said properties to try and push for that sale. There are many different type of bricks- and how humid or cooling the inside of a building on said property is relies heavily on the bricks used to build said building.

Below are the type of bricks and their affects on the inner temperature, and other elements of said buildings.

Clay Bricks

Clay bricks lower greenhouse emissions and are almost soundproof- meaning prospects can enjoy privacy and a quite & tranquil home free from outside interference. It is also has good heat resistance and great ventilation- giving a cooling environment with good air flow. Clay bricks are also low in carbon footprint, and has high thermal mass, which is perfectly suited for our erratic Malaysian weather.

Cement Bricks

Cement bricks are usually used essentially for their reliability and sturdiness. They are made up of a combination of aggregates and cement that contains constant hydraulic pressure as well as simultaneous vibration. You should emphasise to prospects on the durability of cement bricks, as crushed stone and cement mixed together form strength for these bricks. It’s also a good selling point to use at a property that is surrounded by retaining walls made from cement bricks- on the basis that prospects won’t have to worry about a retaining wall collapsing.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)

AAC is made up of a combination of cement, fine aggregates and a chemical to give rise to the mixture; a light precast foam concrete building material. The ventilation system is also prominent, and is something you can bring attention to when pitching to prospects during a viewing. It’s not only resource efficient, lightweight but it also has lesser environmental impact all through its processing cycle, making it a suitable material to be used for our tropical weather.

These are just some of the many different types of bricks typically used in Malaysian houses and industrial facilities, and it’s definitely not an exhaustive list. We hope this proves to be a useful list for all you aspiring property agents out there.


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