How To Make A Great Press Release

Your boss wants you to write a press release but you have no idea how? Worry no more.

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Lost your way? Don’t worry!

When it comes to getting a story out in the media, nothing comes easy- especially when the pressure is placed on you by your employers; let alone try to catch the attention of editors through press releases. Here are some examples on how to catch the attention of editors to publish your organisation’s press release:

Catchy Headlines

This would definitely be something that may sound familiar: you’ll get your readers engaged in any article if you’ve started it right. The first few words or the first sentence should be interesting enough to gauge your readers to read more, and especially when it comes to something as dry as a press release.

Just remember to keep it short and sweet, but also encompasses the true essence of what’s going to make your press release engaging and exciting. The right kind of headline will definitely garner more publicity, therefore, making your release a successful one.

Be Witty

Think of the corniest commercial you’ve ever watched, rolled your eyes and probably even badmouthed at, you still remember them. After such a long time. That one song that gets stuck to your head even though the lyrics are as cheesy as ever, that’s the kind of thing you should be aiming for.

A little bit of humour in your press releases could give that extra oomph factor, therefore, you’d be surprised with the results. As long as it’s still business appropriate, there’s nothing wrong with adding that tinge of sarcasm in the tone of the usual format for a press release.

Piggy Back Your Press Release

If your press release has some connection with current affairs, it will definitely garner more attention. It doesn’t really matter if it’s news about sports, the British royals, Olympics and whatnot, if people get to relate to them, it’s most likely going to resonate much more with the readers.

One of the biggest advantage of using this “piggy-back” approach, is because press releases that are usually dry could have the interest picked much more, especially through the use of grabbing the momentum from current news.

And it’s not necessarily only one of these will work, because in fact, a combination from the methods laid out above would be much more effective as well. Plan as you go and you’ll find the strategy that works best for you.


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